Best Dirt Bikes To Buy For 12 Year Olds Reviewed

dirt bike, training wheels, helmet Best Dirt Bikes To Buy For 12 Year Olds

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A young child has access to a wide range of activities. The most popular activity among them is dirt biking, not only because you can watch your child in action but also because it is the best way to strengthen your relationship with your child. Who knows, your home could produce the next novice motocross champion!

But once a child gets to the age of 12, it is clear how committed they are to engaging in this activity. Additionally, it is our duty as mentors to encourage and guide the child as well as make a well-informed decision. Among other things, getting the right-sized dirt bike is crucial for him to practice his skills.

List Of The Best Dirt Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

There are hundreds and thousands of dirt bikes out there from different manufacturers and individuals, but I have picked the best and reviewed them. I have outlined in this list, their strengths, weaknesses, and their features.

Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike

Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero

Kuberg has many fantastic electric dirt bikes for 12 years old that are sure to delight kids of all ages. Because of its practicality and ease of maintenance, the Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike is one of my favorites from this manufacturer.

These bikes are also incredibly simple and practical to use. Since they are electrically powered, all you need to do before riding one of these bikes is make sure it is connected and charging. There’s no need to fiddle with the motor.

If you live in a place where people don’t really like the noisy gas bikes, this bike’s extreme quietness is a bonus.


  • This bicycle is quite light: Some dirt motorcycles have the drawback of being too heavy for kids to pick up if they flip the bike over. The Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike is highly lightweight, weighing only about 73 pounds (33 kilograms).

It shouldn’t be too difficult for your twelve-year-old to lift or handle this bike on and off the trails when necessary, which is definitely a plus when shopping for a bike for your child.

  • The speed of this bike is slower: A dirt bike with extremely high speeds is usually not the ideal choice for your child’s first few bikes until they are more adept at riding and controlling the bike.

The top speed of this Kuberg bike is approximately 17 miles per hour (27 kilometers per hour), which is fast enough to excite your child while they are learning to ride but not fast enough to put them in any significant danger.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

MX650 Dirt Rocket

Youth dirt motorcycles from Razor are highly regarded and produced by a wonderful brand. Another excellent starter bike with outstanding features and a reduced price, this electric dirt bike will keep your 12-year-old safe and entertained.


  • This bike is small but has adjustable features: Given that twelve is a unique age full of development, it’s critical to consider how long your twelve-year-old child will be able to ride a bike. Compared to other dirt bikes, the Razor MX650 Electric Rocket Motocross Bike is on the smaller side. However, the handlebar can be adjusted, so your child may discover the ideal fit.

However, many adult reviewers of this bike have stated how much fun it is for them to ride even though they are older. If you have a twelve-year-old who is maybe taller than their peers, they might want a bigger bike because of their height. Thus, size is entirely a matter of taste.

  • This bike has a lower high speed: For beginner dirt bike riders, lower high speeds are ideal since they enable them to maintain control of the bike while still learning.

The high speed of the Razor MX650, which is 17 miles per hour (approximately 27 kilometers per hour), is fantastic for letting your young rider have a great time while maintaining control during the learning process.

  • The battery life on this bike is less: How long do you anticipate your 12-year-old riding this bike each day? The 40-minute battery life is the only drawback I have with this bike. Of course, forty minutes can be just the right amount of time for a fantastic ride.

Anyone riding an electric dirt bike should keep it charged when not in use, is my piece of advice. The bike would be available for them whenever they desire to ride in this manner.

Husqvarna TC85 Dirt Bike

Husqvarna TC85 Dirt Bike

One of the major manufacturers of the most incredible dirt bikes on the market is Husqvarna. Young beginners who want a bike that’s a little more intense than the electric-powered ones I’ve mentioned so far should consider the Husqvarna TC85.

The price of bikes with gas engines typically varies with the year the bike was manufactured. A brand-new Husqvarna TC85 dirt bike from 2020 costs roughly $7,000. About $5,600 was spent on a new 2017 model.


  • ¬†This bike is considerably bigger and one that your kid can ride for several years. Size is a vital factor to take into account, especially for 12-year-olds who are growing quickly. Despite being significantly larger than comparable children’s bikes, this Husqvarna bike allows for several years of growing before your child outgrows it.

The seat height of the 2020 model is approximately 33.5 inches (950 mm) tall. If you’re concerned that your child won’t be able to fit comfortably on this bike, remember that as far as they can stand on their toes while riding, they should be alright overall.

  • This bike’s two-stroke engine may make it a little more aggressive than your child is accustomed to riding.

A two-stroke motorcycle may accelerate more quickly than a four-stroke motorcycle following a turn on a trail or track. Controlling the bike may require some getting used to for folks who aren’t used to two-stroke or gas bikes in general.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bike For 12-Year-Olds

You don’t just get to the offline or online marketplace and buy and bike you find there or the bike you think is most fancy, beautiful or the bike you guess off-hand will be best for your 12=year-old. No, there are essential things to consider before clicking the buy button online or paying that offline seller. Below are the major things you shouldn’t sideline when trying to buy a bike for a 12-year-old.

Physical Fit

A bike fits your child properly when they can: Place both of their feet’s balls on the ground as they sit on the saddle. With their feet flat and firm on the ground and a comfortable distance between the child and the top bar, straddle it.
When seated on the seat, they should bend their arms slightly to reach the handlebars. Your child should be able to grasp the handbrakes if there are any and exert enough force to stop the bike if there are any.
According to the owner’s manual guidelines, you can elevate the handlebar stem and seat post as your child develops. Another excellent piece of advice is to lower the seat and set the handlebars back; this will further shorten the reach and give you more room to grow.

Bike Weight

Would you ride a bike that was heavier than you were? Could you imagine how difficult it would be to maneuver the bike around corners or up and down a curb in addition to launching it from a stationary position? So why would you anticipate your kid to behave similarly, especially if they’re learning to ride? One of the main design considerations when we first launched ByK Bikes was weight. Simply put, there was no selection of lightweight children’s bikes anyplace in the globe.

Age and Height

It is too simple to determine a bike’s proper size solely by its height. Be cautious because it can easily become a false indicator. As you can see, I list the bikes by age, then by height, so that’s a good place to start. The age and height ranges for each of the bike categories, however, drastically overlap, in contrast to many other brands. Considering that most children’s balance develops at about the same rate, combining age, height, and ability is much more pertinent. Parents are all too aware of the height disparities among their children’s friends and peers. Additionally, there is no correlation between height and confidence or skill.

Where To Find Cheaper Dirt Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

All sorts of bikes suitable for your 12-year-old child can be found on Amazon and Alibaba. All you should do is check out their store for what you need and order.

Remember to check out the bike in person, if at all feasible, and research the models before purchasing a used bike. Your search can start with the models we’ve mentioned above. Just keep an eye out for slightly older models.


You may use our list of kids’ dirt bikes to choose the best one for your child’s age and riding ability. For safety, make sure your child feels at ease riding the bike and that the bike is sized appropriately for their height and strength.

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